CYP isoenzymes
++ = mitochondrial
CYP11 2 subfamilies, 3 genes
(steroid biosynthesis)
Isoenzyme Substrates Inducer Inhibitor Alleles Effects (alleles, interactions)
CYP11A1++ "cholesterol side chain cleavage enzyme" (converts cholesterol to pregnenolone) branched phosphatidylcholines ? ? the first and rate-limiting enzyme in all steroid biosynthesis! (deficiency: congenital adrenal hyperplasia)
CYP11B1++ (11 beta hydroxylase : makes cortisol from 11-deoxycortisol)
(adrenal fasciculata/reticularis; ? also vascular endothelium! )
ACTH ? ? (deficiency: CAH, hypertension)
CYP11B2++ (aldosterone synthase: hydroxylates corticosterone)
(adrenal glomerulosa alone; ? also vascular smooth muscle!! ) )
angiotensin II; high potassium, low sodium ? ? (may be important in angiogenesis!) The -344C allele in the promoter region greatly increases the risk of nonfatal MI in those with smoking and dyslipidaemia [Circulation 1999 Nov 30;100(22):2213-8]

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