CYP isoenzymes
CYP4 5 subfamilies, 9 genes, 2 pseudogenes
(fatty acid, or arachidonic acid, metabolism) 4A9 an artefact.
CYP4A11 The main human fatty acid omega hydroxylase.  
CYP4B1 (may mediate corneal angiogenesis and inflammation by forming 12(R) HETE etc. in response to corneal hypoxia) (present in placenta)
CYP4F2 The principal catalyst of 20-HETE formation; (? omega hydroxylates and thus inactivates leukotriene B4 : the main disposal mechanism for LTB4 : see also 4F3);
CYP4F3 4F3A breaks down LTB4 in leukocytes; 4F3B is found in liver but not leukocytes: the two are formed by alternative splicing.
CYP4F8 Forms 19R-hydroxyprostaglandins in seminal vesicles
CYP4F11 ?
CYP4F12 ?
CYP4X1 ?
CYP4Z1 ?

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