CYP isoenzymes
CYP7 7 alpha hydroxylase (A=liver, B=brain)
(bile acid biosynthesis; brain metabolism)
Isoenzyme Substrates Inducer Inhibitor Alleles Effects (alleles, interactions)
(liver specific) = cholesterol 7 alpha hydroxylase
(first and rate-limiting step of bile acid synthesis ie. cholesterol degradation) See also CYP51 taurine; cholesterol; colestipol; bile acids ? low activity may increase plasma LDL !
Congenital absence (rare) causes neonatal cirrhosis+cholestasis
brain ( also testis, ovary, prostate, liver, colon, kidney, small bowel )
= oxysterol 7 alpha hydroxylase
(synthesis of neurosteroids: 7 alpha hydroxy DHEA, & alpha hydroxy pregnenolone)

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