The Journal Club

A few years ago we started up a journal club based on the idea that each journal club meeting should have a theme, rather than being based on a particular journal issue. Not everyone agreed (see the first entry below) and eventually we moved countries ...

A NEJM Salmagundi

Date: 31 October 2001
The venerable New England Journal has recently published several articles of some anaesthetic interest. We peek at these!

Prone position, recruitment maneuvers?

Date: 10 October 2001
Prone schmone? Should we recruit more patients in ICU? We examine a few recent articles.


Date: 27 June 2001
Is our editor too savage in his criticism of an article on spinal midazolam? Read me and find out!


Date: 6 June 2001
We look at a few recent articles on lactate, including one study from 1999 that is 'less than perfect'.

Propofol revisited

Date: 23 May 2001
Another peek at propofol.

Anaesthetic Rhythm?

Date: 2 May 2001
Beta blockers seem to be the flavour of the century, at least with coronary artery disease. But what of magnesium for the prevention of postoperative arrhythmias? Where does digoxin fit in (if at all)? We toss in a note on QTc.

[Certain contributions are still awaited, mainly, heh, from Anaesthetic Consultants!]

Phosphodiesterase Inhibitors

Date: 28 February 2001
Is renewed interest in PDE inhibitors (specifically, in "inodilators") justified? We briefly examine the issues.

Transoesophageal Echocardiography

Date: 24 January 2001
Transoesophageal echo is becoming more and more important in both anaesthesia and critical care. We look at a few pertinent articles from the recent literature.

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