Cytochrome P450 : Alphabetical drug list
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Drug CYP interaction Clinical consequences
valproic acid (valproate) {felbamate lowers valproate clearance by inhibiting beta oxidation!} 2C19 : metabolism ?
? 2C9 : metabolism (and/or 2A6) [J Pharmacol Exp Ther 1997 Nov;283(2):698-703]
valsartan (AT II blocker) 2C9 : metabolism ?
valspodar 3A4 metabolism (also inhibits, IC50 1-6 µM) [Drug Metab Dispos 1998 Aug;26(8):802-11] interaction potential
venlafaxine 2D6 : metabolism Minimal interactions if any.
verapamil (See also Calcium channel blockers) CYP1A2 : low activity ?
CYP2C8 : metabolised ?
CYP2C9 : metabolism (& minor inhibition; also inhibits 2D6 a little) ?
CYP3A4 : metabolism ?
3A4: INHIBITS (IC50 2 µM ?) ?
vesnarinone {oral inotrope} 3A4 : metabolism ?
2E1 : metabolism - minor 'nil'
vigabatrin NO interaction with 3A4 (? nil)
vinblastine 3A4 : substrate See vincristine
3A4 : inhibits (IC50 = 5 µM) ?
vinca alkaloids 3A4 : metabolism See vincristine (metabolism in general is similar)
vincristine 3A4 : substrate potential for marked toxicity from 3A4 inhibitors: eg. azole antifungals (itraconazole, ketoconazole), cyclosporine, isoniazid, and nifedipine [Pharmacotherapy 1998 Nov-Dec;18(6):1304-7]
vindesine 3A4 : metabolism potential interactions

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1A2 2C9 2C19 2D6 2E1 3A4

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