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Site content reflects the diverse interests of the authors (perioperative medicine, pain medicine, anaesthesia, intensive care, general medicine and computer programming). We have tried to stimulate interest and controversy, in keeping with a focus on education, rather than extensive documentation or medical stereotyping. This is basically an educational site, sponsored only by the Google ads we've placed strategically!

This page is an overview of a complex site which sometimes verges on the chaotic! The arbitrary categories which follow aren't meant to represent some sort of rigid ontology --- they are simply navigational aids. Many topics fit into more than one 'category'. Enjoy the diversity!

Basic Science ICU Anaesthesia Medicine Computers Miscellany
acid-base mechanical ventilation xenon ECG tutor Perl regex the Hoplet
pain physiology inotropes* recent drugs* TEE tutor CSS the jaundiced neonate
normal myocytes* Xigris/PROWESS pain management anti-arrhythmics CGI scripting WWTBAA
heart physiology* mucormycosis non depolarising muscle relaxants an ecg Dogwagger Duesberg & HIV
lung function PE rescue adenosine & ATP CTEPH Timesheet wine Stewart
coagulation pulmonary vasodilators* local anaesthetic agents alcohol withdrawal javascript CIS 'detox'
channelopathies* lung recruitment antibiotic prophylaxis TRAPS PPM install ROC curves
adhesion molecules* strangulation alpha2 agonists malaria* Computer logic a holiday home
thyroid function TPN blood substitutes* infective endocarditis* Huffman encoding  
autonomic nervous system dobutamine for the gut?* opioids CT radiation SQL  
antimicrobial resistance* early enteral feeding* diabetes DKA management fonts  
adenosine B. fragilis autonomic assessment teicoplanin video  
cytochrome P450 Enterobacter thyroid disease DKA mechanisms Dan's HTML  
allometric scaling ICU antibiotics* anaphylaxis      
vascular autoregulation systemic fungal infection cardiology*      

* Some of the pages are pretty old, and may have dated slightly. You can still learn from them, and even more important is the perspective they provide.